Choosing the perfect venue for your event


There is lots of fun and glamour involved when planning an event, not to mention a lot of decisions, budget juggling and organisational tasks to manage. With music to arrange, a guest list to select, decorations to source, food to taste and not to mention an outfit to plan, it can be easy to forget the importance of tackling the basic tasks first – such as sourcing a venue!


None of the additional components that go in to party planning can go ahead without first securing a venue to host the festivities. It can sometimes be hard to locate the perfect place that will fit both your needs and your budget exactly, which is why at The Fabulous Collective, we offer a free venue finding service. We scour London and the rest of the UK to hunt down the perfect location for you and your guests as part of our full event planning service.


To help us in our quest for venue perfection, we follow a checklist of pointers to give us the information we need for our search. If you are stuck on where to host your next party, follow our tips below, or get in touch and our venue extraordinaire ‘Location Darling’ will be happy to help!


Location, Location, Location

Take into consideration where the bulk of your guests are based. A badly picked location is enough to deter people from attending your event. If a place is simply impossible to get to then guests might think twice before accepting your invitation. Don’t let this stop you from choosing that charming hotel in the country though – if a place doesn’t have great transport links then all is not lost, as long as you arrange a service to take your visitors to and from your spectacular party.



What activities will your event involve? Will you need a stage? Do you need to be able to put up a big screen? Each venue you look at will have different pros and cons but thinking about the logistics now will help you to avoid problems later on into your planning. For a product launch, a ‘white box’ gallery space is often favoured, providing a blank canvas and enough room to display the newly launched item. For a corporate party a venue with multiple rooms may be more appropriate to cover each stage of the evening, from dining all the way through to entertainment. Every event will have different layout requirements, so being sure of yours can help to narrow down your venue search much quicker.



It is important to get a good idea of the amount of people you will be expecting so you can find a venue of the right size. Underestimating will result in uncomfortable overcrowding, whilst choosing a place that is much bigger than needed will feel empty and unsuccessful if your crowd numbers are small.

Have we helped you with your search for venue excellence? If you need more support with planning your party from start to finish, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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