How to Pull Off the Perfect Wedding


Tying the knot. Getting hitched. Pledging your troth. Whatever you want to call it, getting married is an experience that most girls dream of. The big day only rolls around once, which means that making sure everything’s bang-on perfect is paramount.

So how can you put together the day of your dreams? Read on for our insider’s guide to pulling off the perfect wedding:


Don’t be scared to ask for help

More often than not it’s the bride that ends up doing most of the wedding planning. All too often she feels as though she has to take on everything herself. This isn’t the case! If you’re putting together your dream day don’t be scared to call on the help of friends, family and professionals. If you’ve got a wonderfully artistic girlfriend, why not ask her to design your invitations? If your mother in law to be lives to cook, ask her to help out with catering. And if you’re feeling utterly overwhelmed and simply want to enjoy a dream day that runs like clockwork, enlisting the help of a professional wedding planner is a piece of cake.


Create a ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ list

It’s all too easy to get carried away with wedding planning and blow your budget out the water. Keep things in check by creating a ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ list that will help you decide what’s essential, and what’s not.


Look at the bigger picture

Post-proposal is a wildly exciting time, and your head will no doubt be spinning with ideas about your big day. Calm things down a little by looking at the bigger picture and working outwards from there. For example, take the time to envision the kind of wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Is it a whimsical garden party, a chic beach reception, a classic church do or a cocktail event? Once you decide on the bigger picture you can then start working on colours, flowers, catering, decorations and so on.


Don’t cut the wrong corners

Reigning in your budget is all very well, but it’s critical not to cut the wrong corners. Hiring a stellar photographer is generally something that every bride sees as an absolute must, as is free flowing champagne, good music and beautiful décor. Of course, priorities vary from bride to bride so you’ll need to develop your own ideas of what’s budget worthy.

Feeling overwhelmed? Give us a call today to chat to our stellar team of wedding wonders who’ll help you bring your dream day to life.