Tips for Summer Soiree Success!


We don’t know why, but everything seems to be more fun in summer! The longer days and warmer temperatures naturally provoke a thriving social scene as people enjoy the freedom of having extended hours of entertainment outdoors. For this reason, whether you are planning a glamorous party, a pop up event or an interactive brand experience, summer is a great time to capture the public’s imagination.

Here at The Fabulous Collective, we love to plan a summer soiree, and have plenty of experience to do so! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your summer soiree, check out our top tips for hosting a party with a bang.



When planning a party in summer it can be tempting to head straight outdoors, however be sure to keep in mind the unpredictable nature of the British weather. Keep your guests comfortable in a versatile venue with an indoors area too, or a well thought out ‘plan B’ to hand in case the sun gets hidden behind grey clouds and the rain starts pouring down.

For a brand experience or a pop up event, as well as comfort and practicality, the venue you choose needs to truly reflect your brand, or the story you are trying to tell. Picking the right venue with the perfect atmosphere will add to the overall effect of your extravaganza.



With the correct dressing, any space can be transformed into an immersive wonderland to make lasting memories for those who attend your event. If you are hosting a party, picking a theme is a great way for your guests to feel involved, and to dictate the look and feel of your night. For a summer party, why not take the picnic to a whole new level? Dress your venue with fake grass and oversized picnic baskets to fill each visitor with a sense of childlike nostalgia. Serve gourmet jam sandwiches with finger cakes to complete the theme.

Those who are creating a brand experience can also utilise a venue by subtly adding hints of a brand identity throughout, whilst keeping in theme of the experience you are creating. If your company colour is purple, but your venue is mainly red, invest in purple rugs, tablecloths and other details so that everyone who enters can leave with a strong sense of your company image.



Music is perhaps the most effective way to add atmosphere to any event. Whether it is for entertainment at a party or to draw people in at a pop up event, choosing the right music for your audience will see your success soar. Daytime summertime events naturally lend themselves towards upbeat and happy music – whether you hire a band or prefer to book a DJ, requesting they play music to mimic the feel of being on holiday will immediately lift the spirits of everyone at your party.