Focussing on the Future


When it comes to ringing in a lucrative new year, planning is paramount. You can bet your bottom dollar that every single one of this year’s Fortune 500 companies is already working around the clock to put together killer 2016 strategies designed to get business booming.If you want to give your company the same competitive edge, The Fabulous Collective is here to help. With our bespoke range of event services, we exist to help SMEs galvanise their operations from the inside out. Intrigued? Read on for a list of the key services that will help you take your brand to the next level in 2016.


Press days

 If you want to create a public buzz, you’ve got to get the press on your side. It’s as simple as that! We can help attract key media representatives by organising sensational press days that will have correspondents itching to shout out about your brand.


Product launches

 Planning on launching a new product in 2016? Make sure it hypnotises your target audience by backing it with a high impact product launch campaign that offers exceptional ROI. Whatever you’re trying to promote, our expert team of launch professionals will work with you to create a campaign that will have products flying off the shelves.


Team building

Strong companies are backed by even stronger teams which means that you should never ignore the importance of supporting healthy inter-employee relationships. Our team building programmes are curated to give every employee that warm fuzzy feeling, whether they’re a receptionist, a secretary, an intern, a project manager or a CEO.


Residential meetings

Get your team on the same page by enlisting the help of our residential meetings team. They’ll help you execute corporate assemblies underpinned with clear cut goals and schedules that offer a perfect blend of work and play.


Event design

Want to kick off 2016 with an event that has people talking for months to come? Whatever your sector, we’ll help you pull off wickedly on-trend events that are guaranteed to impress. From internal company get together to high profile public parties, out in-house team of event designers is on-hand to help you refine every aspect of your affair, from invitations, catering and décor to venue hire, music and props.


Event management

Take the stress out of event planning by enlisting the help of our comprehensive event management service. We’ve got an avid eye for detail which means you can rest assured that your event will be nothing short of perfect.


Ready to ring in 2016? So are we!