Alternative ideas for your Christmas bash


The idea of a work Christmas Party or any kind of Christmas gathering can conjure up a whole host of cringe worthy stereotypes with awkward secret Santa presents, itchy hand knitted jumpers and freely flowing headache inducing booze all becoming immediately expected at any festive do. Christmas party planning can go way beyond the turkey meal however if you think outside the (badly wrapped) box.


So as we are approaching the end of Summer, our next stop will soon be Christmas party planning!  Read on for our tips and alternative ideas on how to have a stylishly chic Christmas party this year!


Around the world in 7 Christmases

If you or your colleagues are fed up with our Christmas traditions here in the UK, why not take inspiration from how it is celebrated around the world instead? You could host a Christmas BBQ like the Australians do, swap the Christmas pudding for traditional red wine and rum Jamaican fruitcake, or even go out and buy a KFC bargain bucket as it customary for those in Japan!


Who killed Santa Claus?

Turn a conventional murder mystery on its head by hosting one around the main man himself. Let your guests become a character and solve the clues to put a stop to whoever has ruined Christmas for good with this terrible crime! Murder Mystery parties are a great way for everyone to feel truly immersed in an evening and a great excuse to dress up at Christmas, without reaching for the Santa hat.


Head to Hawaii

Put an end to the winter blues by injecting some tropical fun into your Christmas party. Swap the Christmas jumper for a Hawaiian shirt and replace the mulled wine with a fruity punch to lift the spirits of your guests this festive season.


Festive Fiesta

If not Hawaii, then why not sing ‘Feliz Navidad’ at a Mexican themed affair. Keeping in line with certain traditions, you could serve an exciting twist on the classic menu such as turkey burritos or an ‘after eight’ mojito! Christmas time is all about fun and celebrations, and none do it better than our friends in Mexico. You could even find a Christmas themed Piñata of a reindeer or a gingerbread man to finish off your party with style.


In the countdown to Christmas, these are just a few of our ideas for alternative ways to celebrate this festive season. At The Fabulous Collective, we have years of experience in planning Christmas events for both corporate and private clients and we’d love to help you too. Get in touch today for a fully-fledged party planning service this Christmas!