The art of experiential event design


Modern lives move at an extraordinarily fast pace. This means that in order to capture and retain the attention of contemporary consumers you’ll need to bring a sense of dynamism to everything you do. As far as we’re concerned, experiential event design is a superlative way of appealing to the masses. Intrigued? So you should be! Whatever your sector, experiential event design is a hugely effective strategy.

Here’s our guide to experiential event design, and how it can help your business:

Give guests something to remember

Memories and experiences are every marketer’s secret weapon. When a guest walks away with a positive experience they’ll automatically be inclined to relive the event. Whether it causes them to remember your brand or mention the experience to an acquaintance, both are value forms of publicity.

Tap into emotions

Emotions are killer when it comes to heightening brand experiences. Whatever the occasion, inherent brand values can always be incorporated into any event strategy. Pepper your event with details that invoke emotions and we guarantee that guests will enjoy a brand experience that makes an impact.

Shine the spotlight on buyer profiles

An in-depth understanding of guests is an essential part of throwing a successful experiential event. By connecting with the wants and needs of consumers you’ll be able to create experiences that are effective and appealing.

Get physical

An element of touch will give your guests not just emotional memories but also physical ones. For us, tangible participation is often the key to creating experiences that make a lasting impression.

Build experiential spaces

The space itself acts as a catalyst for positive event experiences. No matter how small or large your venue, experiential design can have an incredible impact on the overall effectiveness of your event.

Keep the experiences coming

Just because the event’s drawn to a close it doesn’t mean the experiential element should come to a grinding halt. After making such an effort to engage your audience it’s essential to retain value by following up with each and every attendee. This will help them view the entire event as a journey. Whether it’s a goodie bag to take home, a hand addressed ‘thank you for attending’ card sent a few days later or even a simple social media outreach, follow up is critical.

When it comes to throwing stellar events experiential design is becoming an integral part of augmenting the brand experience. Chat to us today about how we can help your brand tap into the trend.