We know these are new and uncertain times which is why we have levelled up and educated ourselves to supply you with the confidence and reassurance that your guests will be safe within any live activation organised by The Fabulous Collective.

We have therefore taken the following steps to confront COVID-19:

1. We will always follow government guidelines and advice from the World Health Organisation

2. Our team will consist of a COVID-19 Supervisor who will be present at all live events

3. We have partnered with skilled suppliers to learn more about technological safety enhancement, as well as provide branded sanitisation units, shielded screens and masks.

4. Combining the guidelines, and understanding your brief, we will consider how best to deliver your objective; we are a multi-channel, full-service brand experience agency that can bring your idea to life in any format.

5. Should plans for a live activation be halted, we have expanded our digital and hybrid services to ensure you are covered.